Wording my graphing

I bet you know the feeling of running Install-Module -Name SomeInterestingModule, waiting, then, with your fingers on the keys, so ready to go play with SomeInterestingModule just downloaded. You stop. Pause. Thinking to yourself: where do I start with this module?

Publishing the blog with ConcourseCI

Okay. The blog is up and running (yeah it’s alive). With that of the bucket list on to the next work item on the list: Build and publish. My process of publishing new posts and generating the website with Jekyll, has up until now been quite cumbersome. Furthermore, some time ago I heard about a piece of CI software called ConcourseCI. I felt so enthused about it that I wanted to try it out. See if it could make it work for my own software pipelines as well maybe use it at work.

Booting up the blog

Hi there and thank you for visiting Bengtsson Driven Development. My name is Lars Bengtsson and I’m currently working for Danske Spil as a DevOps Engineer. For quite some time I have thought about starting up a blog. However, throughout that process all the hows, can I’s and so forth, started to ooze out from my brain. But then, a few months back, as I wandered about on the interwebs I bumped into this static site generator called Jekyll. Not only hope came to me. The feeling of triumphant victory as well. I quickly hit up Ctrl-D to have myself a bookmark…..aaaaand went back to my regular routines.


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